A Guide to Postcard Printing

Designing your postcards correctly requires knowing ahead of time the print choices you will make. Without knowing the size, you will not be able to tailor the design to the amount of real estate available, for instance. For postcard printing that turns out as professional as you imagine, use the guide below.


For durability and also a professional appearance, postcards need to be printed on a heavy cover stock, such as 10pt or 14pt cover. A coating gives postcards that extra shine for capturing attention easier, but some printers will may also offer a matte or dull coating for protection without the sheen.


Postcards must be captivating, and color is one of the most important parts of making a postcard stand out. Calibrate your computer screen and design software so that the colors you choose are accurately displayed on screen. A printed swatch of colors, such as CMYK or PANTONE, is a worthwhile investment that will help you choose accurate hues when designing.


A standard 4x6 postcard does reduce mailing expenses but can be lost in the bundle of mail a customer receives each day. A bigger size such as a 5x7 or 6x9 is much more noticeable and provides that extra punch needed to entice the client to read the information.


Make sure to design your postcard on the correct template size. Many times, an amateur designer will use the wrong template for the size needed and end up with stretched images or text that has been trimmed.

Direct Mail

For your direct mail postcards, remember to leave space for the address, stamp, and bar code at the bottom of the postcard. You can either label and mail the postcards yourself or take advantage of the mailing services offered by your postcard printing company. This service is especially valuable when you are on a tight deadline.


A benefit of postcard printing is that they cost less the more you purchase when ordering from a wholesale printer. You will only be able to order a set amount, for instance 250 or 500 but not in between, so be prepared for multiple purposes if you end up needing to purchase more than you planned to mail.


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