Customers keep notepads around, which exposes them to your brand and contact information on a regular basis.

Why Cheap Notepad Printing Makes Sense

Cheap notepad printing is an effective promotional tool because customers keep notepads around, which exposes them to your brand and contact information on a regular basis. Even though you may be trying to work within a smaller marketing budget these days, notepads can still be the inexpensive promotional giveaway you need. Thankfully, you do not need to trade professionalism with discount prices. Here at, cheap notepad printing does not mean inferior quality. It simply means you get the best prices the industry has to offer.

Notepad printing works because it brings value to your customers at the best possible cost. Just keep these simple design tips in mind so that you get the most out of your notepad project.

Simple is Better

Avoid a great deal of pictures and graphics. Limit graphics to a logo and simple design elements like separator lines. If you put too many graphical elements on the notepad printing project, your customers will feel like they are sporting an advertisement on their desks. While that fact is true, ideally customers shouldn't get that vibe from your notepads.


Avoid Watermarks

Watermarks are those images, usually the logo, in the background of a document that can take up an entire page. Watermarks can work, but they absolutely must be faded far into the background. Think in terms of “almost invisible” or avoid a watermark altogether. Watermarks can be visually distracting when customers are attempting to transcribe information while on the phone or when they are gathering thoughts.


Limit the Information

Instead of your complete contact information, limit it to your website and phone number. A complete mailing address is overboard for notepad printing when the goal is to simply keep your brand in front of your customers. Customers will be able to find your additional contact information so long as they have your website and phone number handy.


Headers and Footers

If at all possible, keep your brand and contact information in the header and footer of the notepad. This gives your customers plenty of open space for their own notes. Don’t overcrowd the center of the notepad or your customers may not feel like they have enough room to write.


A simple printing project can go a long way to exposing customers to your brand. Cheap at means you get superior products and services at the best prices possible. Just keep the design simple and your customers in mind as the goal of notepad printing is to provide your customers a valuable, branded tool without breaking your budget.

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