Business cards can be very economical and impressive at the same time.

The Surprising Truth About Cheap Business Card Printing

Cheap doesn't have to mean low quality!
Every business owner needs business cards, and every business owner wants to afford professional, high-quality business cards. The good news is that business cards can be very economical and impressive at the same time.

You only need to know how to choose the right online printing company that gets high-quality results and the printing options you need.

Cost vs. Quality
Business cards should only cost around $20 or less to print 250 to 500 at a time, depending on the printing options you choose. But be careful about simply looking at a low price for printing. Not all online printing companies offer the same standard printing choices nor the same quality at this price.

Professional printing companies have:

  • The desire to send free print samples
  • Plenty of reviews both online and off
  • Published prices so you can compare
  • High standards of customer service

Printing Choices
For the highest quality, your online printing company should offer

  • Full color (also known as 4 color) printing
  • Full bleed as a standard
  • Standard 14 pt. cover glossy paper - too light will seem unprofessional and too heavy will be cumbersome
  • Double-sided printing options

A free proof should also be included. In addition to standard options, your printer should also offer uncoated paper as well as more than one gloss option for those who want matte or a heavy UV coating. Double-sided printing, a quick turnaround, and several quantity choices should also be available.

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