Catalogs are an effective marketing tool if you can create a cover that appeals to readers and gets them to open it up.

How To Design a Better Catalog Cover

Your catalog cover will serve as a first impression of the contents inside. Therefore, if you design it well, your cover will encourage readers to look inside your catalog. Catalog printing is an effective marketing method if you can get readers to open it up, but the only way you will do that is to create a cover that appeals to your audience. 
Make your cover clear and concise 
Your company name should be easy to read at first glance. Don't try to embellish your name in any way that will make it unrecognizable. Your effective dates should be easy to find as well. Once you find a good spot, keep it there for every issue. Finally, give two ways to contact you: list your phone number and web address so that customers know how to contact you from the start.

Include a call to action 
Catalog printing is a way to sell your product. Be sure that your cover encourages the reader to take action. Phrases like, "Check out page 34" or "call an agent today" will get the purchasing process rolling. 

Place your promotion on the cover 
Any special discounts, free shipping, or product guarantee should be stated briefly on the cover. Don't wait for your reader to look inside the catalog. They may never get that far, so put your best offer right up front. 

Pick a winner for the cover photo 
Choose a product that the majority of your customer base would like. Next to it, you should list the page number, further encouraging the reader to flip through the catalog. 

Create an impression consistent with your company brand 
Your cover design should be consistent with your other marketing materials. For instance, you should not create a trendy feel for your catalog if your business is more traditional. Catalog printing can help to establish your credibility if you are true to your company brand.  

Edit the cover from the consumer's perspective 
Finally, when you are considering the overall message of your cover, think about what the consumer will take away from it. Will they understand what your business is all about? Is it clear to them what you have to offer? Make your catalog printing more effective by looking at it from the prospect's point of view.

Don't let your cover be the cause of lost sales. When catalog printing, a dynamic cover is easy to design when you follow a few simple tips, so take your time and design it to perfection. And when the sales come rolling in, you'll be glad you took that extra day to get it right.

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