Choose the Right Paper for Your Catalog

Once you have decided to create a catalog, you are faced with many more decisions, one of which is the type of paper you will be using. The type of paper you choose will affect the overall success of your catalog: paper of poor quality will make a bad impression on its reader, but a good quality paper will encourage readers to keep reading and make a purchase. While there are many components that make up catalog printing, choosing the right paper is still one of the more important aspects.

Choose a quality paper for your print catalog.
Paper comes in many different weights and sizes. The size of your paper is a matter of choice. Your print catalog design will determine if you use a 8.5x5.5 or a 12x12 size. The weight of your paper is another story. A good quality paper can be 70lb coated, 80lb uncoated, or 100lb coated. These are all good options and will result in a good catalog, but make sure to choose the right one for your image. For instance, a discount supplies catalog doesn't need heavy weight paper, while a high-end product catalog will need the more expensive weight of paper to seem legitimate.

Choose what finish fits your needs.
Uncoated paper, also called white offset, is used for books. This would be a good choice for a basic price list kind of catalog - no frills, just business. A coated paper adds a level of attractiveness to your catalog. Glossy finishes make product photos look their best, giving the pages a slightly reflective quality and a smooth texture, perfect for a print catalog with many color photos.

Make an environmentally friendly choice.
Printing companies have the choice of printing of "green" paper or not. If you are concerned about the effect of your catalogs on the earth, then look closely at your print company to determine if they are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. A good company would use FSC or SFI certified paper. FSC and SFI are programs that are proactive in protecting the forest environments, including water quality and animal habitats. They are also concerned with preserving the indigenous people around the world. Printing companies can also recycle paper scraps and many other byproducts of catalog making in their green practices.

Ask for help in choosing the right paper for your print catalog.
Talk to your printing company about the best option for your print catalog. Experts are available to give you their advice on the paper that will suit your needs the best. Simply call the company and talk to them about the direction you want to take your catalog. Their advice will be invaluable.

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