Z fold brochures are a great option for offering verstility and drama to your project.

How to Design a Z Fold Brochure

A Z fold, which is basically an accordion fold, is a great brochure folding option because it offers a lot of versatility. You can separate each element by making each panel stand alone, or you can design the brochure so that it opens out to a full spread with one large, dramatic photograph. There are a few steps to follow to make the most of your Z fold brochure printing project.

Step One: Choose Your Purpose and Know Your Audience 
Before you can start designing when brochure printing, you have to know why you are creating this brochure. Is it to introduce a new product or service you are offering? Do you want something you can send in response to frequently asked questions? Do you just want to let people know about a few of the really great items you sell?  

Once you know the purpose for your brochure, you need to think about who you will be giving the brochures to. Everything else will flow from that, including the pictures you choose, the way you describe your products, and the colors you use.

Step Two: Choose Your Print Options 
At this point it is a good idea to choose your printer because you will want to know the exact size of the paper stock they use before you start designing the layout. It is also good to find out early on how the printer wants you to send your design. 

You can also select the weight of paper you want to use and whether or not you want a glossy finish. Heavier paper makes your brochure seem like a quality product, which gives readers a good impression of your business. Also, a glossy finish is usually better because it makes the pictures look really vibrant and sharp when brochure printing.

Step Three: Get Your Photos and Copy Ready 
For brochure printing, you will need to get one to three good quality photos with at least 300dpi. The more photos you have, the less impact each one has, so it is best to just use a few, and having people in each photo helps bring your brochure to life.   

Your copy should be easy to read with common words and short sentences. Use a conversational tone and avoid industry jargon. Also, you should stick to three or four points and avoid overwhelming the reader with too much text. When you tell about your wonderful products be sure to mention how they can benefit the user.

Step Four: Choose Your Colors and Fonts 
It is best to use one font for your headings and another one for the body text. Choose fonts that fit your brand personality. The colors you choose for brochure printing should be your brand colors for easy recognition. Don't forget about your logo and other graphics that identify your company for consumers.

Step Five: Design Your Z Fold Layout 
Then it is finally time to design your Z fold brochure. Decide the order you want to present everything. Choose whether you want to break your information up and make each fold a separate page, or whether you want the brochure to open up into one big page. You can use space to separate your main points; space also gives the reader's eye a place to rest and keeps your brochure from looking too chaotic, making your message much more memorable for readers.

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