Half fold brochures are an effective and convenient style of print brochures that are sure to please.

Tips for Designing a Half Fold Brochure 

Half fold brochures are good for but not limited to menus, price lists, and programs. They are an effective and convenient style of print brochures that are sure to please. Half fold brochures are typically made from 8.5" x 11" paper; however, you can also choose 11" x 17" or 8.5" x 14". Here are a few tips for creating your half fold brochure with ease.  
Writing the Content 
Write your message in a separate program so that you are not distracted by the overall brochure design. The information that you put in your brochure is the star of your brochure. All the other elements contained in brochure printing pieces should point to the message, so make your message a great one. 

Choosing Photographs 
Use stock photos for graphics. There are some online sites that sell stock photography as well as list a few for free. You can choose from thousands of professional photos of a wide variety. This will save you the trouble of hiring a photographer and preparing the pictures for your brochure. 

Planning for the Fold 
While creating a mock up, place a line down the middle for a reference mark. A mock up is usually done on a piece of paper the same size as your intended result on which you sketch your layout. Use a pencil to draw the line in the center of your unfolded paper so that you know exactly where your brochure will be folded and can plan accordingly. 

Designing the Cover 
Before you fold your brochure, you will design the cover. Do not confuse the front and back; remember that the left side of the paper is the back and the right side is the front. However, keep in mind that you want to make them cohesive by continuing the design elements across the surface.  

Making the Text Readable 
Layout your text in column format to look professional. Shorter lines are easier to read and look less daunting. Readers will be more likely to continue reading your print brochures if it is easy on the eyes. 

Choosing a Paper Stock 
Heavy stock will give a more professional feel. The quality of your paper will add to the overall impression of your print brochures. Since your brochure is representative of your business, you want your brochures to appear as professional as possible. Using a higher quality of stock is one way to accomplish this. 
Printing Your Brochure
Choose a reputable printing company. Even though the cheapest print company is appealing, be aware that the quality of printing may match the price. Check out a printer before you order from them. Use a search engine to find out what people are saying about different printing companies and be sure to request samples. If you are looking for a deal, then choose a higher priced company that is running a special. You are more likely to get the quality you want for a price that fits your budget.

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