When your business is ready to start printing business cards, be sure you don’t forget the ever important logo.

Designing Business Cards with Your Company Logo

When your business is ready to start printing business cards, make sure you don’t forget the ever important logo. There are many ways to prominently display your logo, and this article discusses a few of the more common methods.

The standard approach is to put the logo on the upper left hand corner of the business card.  This is considered a classic design and looks great for most situations.  The company name is usually placed alongside the logo, while the person’s name and title are under the global logo and company name.

Left space 
An emerging method for prominently displaying the logo is to use the entire left half of the business card only for the logo.  The company name, person’s name, title, and contact information are on the far right side of the business card.  As Americans we read from left to right, and putting the logo on the left half ensures that people cannot miss it.

Another trend is to rotate your business card design 90° and to put your logo at the top.  This takes up a little bit less room in using the left space technique above.  The logo can take up 1/3rd or 1/4th of the top of the card, leaving more space for personal and contact information.

Back of card 
Finally, some businesses will use one of the above techniques and also use the entire back of the business card to display their logo.  This is a great way to include a large scale version of your logo reserving the front of the business card for a more classic, toned-down approach.

Final thoughts 
Whatever approach you take, the important thing is to make sure that your logo is included.  Your logo is a very important part of your brand and you should include it in every advertising campaign that you can.

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