Join us as we discuss solid design techniques through this question and answer session.

Frequently Asked Questions When Designing Business Cards

There are a lot of funny ideas floating around about solid business card design techniques.  Sure, you can just put basic contact information on a business card and leave it at that.  Or, like some people, you could go overboard with lots of pictures and graphics.  So what makes good business card design?  Join us as we discuss solid design techniques through this question and answer session.    

Will lots of graphics and images help me sell more?   
No.  Graphics and images will make your card more appealing to the eye.  But beyond a logo or background image, graphics and images can clutter the card.  Remember, the point is that your customer remembers your information, not how nice of a picture you have.    

Should I put a lot of product information on my business card?  
No.  Reserve your business card for your most basic contact information.  It’s fine to put a tagline or short sentence about what services or products you provide.  If you feel strongly that this may be your only opportunity to contact your customer, put product information on the back of the business card.    

Are color business cards worth the extra cost?  
Yes.  This is especially true if you have color in your logo or want to include your picture on the card.  The difference between color or black and white is often only a few dollars.  If you are on an extremely restrictive budget, use different shades of gray to highlight different parts of your business card.    

Should I include my logo on the business card?  
Yes.  Your logo is at the core of your brand.  You should expose customers to it as often as possible.  If your company has a well recognized logo, it becomes important to associate your name with your company’s logo to build trust.

The bottom line: somewhere in between bare bones and overboard is the most effective approach to business card design. Choose the middle ground and your business cards will be the successful marketing piece you desire.

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