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Regardless of industry, it is without a doubt that having an eye-catching and professional-looking business card to represent your business is still the strongest member in your marketing media stockpile. But with such a limited amount of advertising real estate, how do you maximize the marketing potential of a business card?

For years, thousands of companies have printed business cards in its standard size of 2 x 3.5 inches. And for businesses in those days, this system worked.

But times are a-changing. Competition is proving to be fiercer than ever and all businesses now aspire to possess a distinct identity and be more prominent from all the other names in the market. With this demand for a distinguished image, PrintPlace offers custom sizes, paper stocks and a variety of finishing options for your business cards. With a unique size, stock and finish coupled with vibrant and professional color clarity, you can be sure that your business card will stick out and be noticed from the pile.

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