Marketing efforts must maintain a balance between budget and enough publicity to bring in needed donations.

Using Booklets and Catalogs for Non-profit Marketing

Raising money for a charity or cause is not an easy task. Marketing efforts must maintain a delicate balance between a low budget and enough publicity to bring in needed donations. Direct mail booklet printing and catalog printing are two marketing tools from which any non-profit can use efficiently. Here are a few ideas to help you get started in raising awareness of your non-profit organization.

Both booklets and catalogs can contain educational information on your organization; the difference is that a booklet is entirely educational while a catalog will only have a few pages dedicated to educating the recipient about your cause. A catalog will also be commercial in nature, meaning that the purpose is to sell items for raising money.

Booklets and catalogs need to contain information that pertains to their purpose. The point of non-profit marketing materials is to build a donor mailing list and increase donations. Here's a rundown of what each piece should contain:

• History of the organization 
• List of current needs 
• A calendar schedule of donation goals 
• Success stories of people helped or goals accomplished
• Donor stories with details of who or what their donations aided 
• Call to action such as a tear away donation card or website where donations can be made

• History of the organization 
• A success or donor story 
• Promotional products such as t-shirts or mugs imprinted with the name of the non-profit 
• Relevant useful products such as "green" products for an environmental awareness group 
• An order form
• Cut costs by including most products online and placing the website address in the printed catalog

Printing and Mailing
Reducing costs while maintaining a level of professionalism is necessary for a non-profit. Professional marketing pieces send the message that you are a legitimate and well-run organization. People are more likely to donate when they feel comfortable and confident with the ability of the non-profit to make changes.

An online printer will be able to offer wholesale prices with high quality results. Just make sure that your printer provides full color offset printing for professional products. A catalog or booklet printing company can help you cut mailing costs as well. A printer often has mailing services or works closely with a mailing company and can provide bulk rates, which lowers the mailing expense considerably.

Contact your printer for any other ways to cut costs both in printing and mailing. Your printing company will know the most efficient sizes and page numbers for booklet and catalog printing and can save you money, which in turn can be put to use for your non-profit cause.

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