Printing posters and direct mail can promote your Easter ideas.

Easter Printing and Marketing Ideas

The development of solid Easter marketing ideas often stems from taking advantage of the average person’s fatigue from winter and the hope of better weather days ahead. The holiday always falls sometime between late March and April, so the concept doesn’t have to change radically from year to year when considering Easter printing. However, it should convey a sense of excitement that compels a person to enter your store.

Poster Power

A poster announcement for a new product or a seasonally-timed sale is one concept to jumpstart the well of your Easter marketing ideas. To enhance the impact, the graphics should be bright and eye-catching and the colors bold and vibrant, since most people have tired of winter and are looking for a new beginning. That can mean anything from including an image of a bright sunshine to splashing an array of illuminating colors in the design to augment your message. Both concepts also make your message impossible to miss which is your ultimate goal.

The colors of Easter eggs tend to be pastel, and possibly even washed-out. By using an unorthodox combination of brighter, warmer colors not limited by the imagination of the designer, the message will stand out in the crowd. You will also tap into the psyche of a potential customer. However, the success of an Easter printing piece is dependent upon the combination of the message and the medium and then using that mix to provide the greatest impact.

Easter Basket

Postcard Magic

Mail has served many different purposes over the past several decades, and today still serves as the most tangible form of communication. Using it for your Easter printing can still be a way to engage your current customers while also serving to entice potential new ones. Taking the time to personally wish a customer “Happy Easter” with a postcard while also finding a way to include a mention of what you can offer has more impact than simply sending out a flyer describing the items you have available.

If your business caters to children, target them in some of the images as well. A photo of the Easter bunny who will be visiting your store is sure to attract young children who see the ad, and of course their parents who will be happy for the children’s entertainment. You will be happy for the parents’ patronage of your store at the same time.

Trust the Professionals

When your plan of attack comes to fruition, you want to hit a marketing home run, so make sure that happens by not cutting any corners when it's time for printing.’s customer service representatives have the experience to help with the ins and outs of Easter printing, including what paper type would work best with your project. They can also be an asset when you are putting together a direct mail campaign, with knowledge that can save you two things that everyone wishes they had more of: time and money. All of that will help your Easter marketing ideas come to life, which in turn will lead to increased awareness and business for your company.

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