For the perfect, localized print advertising method, door hangers let you reach customers for pennies each.

Reaching the Audience You Want With Custom Door Hangers

The ideal local print advertising method of choice is custom door hangers for two simple reasons: (1) you reach specific customers in a region and (2) door hangers are guaranteed to get at least a passing glance from a customer. Targeted marketing is one of the keys to a successful advertising campaign, and custom door hangers allow you to design and deliver the perfect ad. But door hangers also have that unique advantage of requiring the customer to see your message when they take the hanger off the door.

When you combine the targeted marketing and the guaranteed exposure of your ad to the customer, custom door hangers become an important tool for marketing. But we see on a regular basis door hangers that miss the mark by making simple mistakes which could easily make or break the campaign. So follow these guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your door hangers.

Print Door Hangers in Full Color
Believe it or not, we do get the occasional black and white or two-color design. Consumers are used to full color and expect it. Use bright, vibrant graphics and images to grab the attention of your potential customers. offers full color printing as a standard feature, so full color doesn’t cost you any more.

Call to Action
Make sure your custom door hangers include a call to action. Don’t just tell your customers about a sale or a new product offering. Include a coupon and tell them to visit your website for more information, call you to get details, or stop by to talk with a sales representative or other staff member. This also provides you with an opportunity to track the results of your campaign since they will be referencing a coupon on your door hanger.

Both Sides
Print on both sides of your custom door hangers to get the most out of your campaign. The front of your design can get attention with bright graphics and a big headline. Use the back for specifics of the offer and ordering information.

Put a coupon on the bottom area of your design and let us create a perforation. This will allow your customers to tear off the coupon for future use. Think small, the size of a business card, so your customers can easily stow the coupon in a wallet or purse.

Custom door hangers are perfect for reaching local customers with a targeted message. Just make sure to take advantage of all the features so you get the most out of your campaign.

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