Postcards are straight-to-the-point marketing tools with very high readability compared to other bigger media.

Guidelines for Effective Postcard Mailing Strategies

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Postcards are straight-to-the-point marketing tools with very high readability compared to other bigger media, given the sufficiently compact size. Aside from being effective promotional tools, they are also very economical and very simple to use. lists three basic elements that should be considered in every postcard marketing campaign.

Like other marketing materials, the quality of your postcards is a crucial factor to the outcome of your campaign. The message your postcard communicates can only be as clear and as strong as the clarity of the design your printer has produced.

Aside from the quality of postcards, another factor that can determine the success of your campaign is the audience you are targeting. Things like which age group, industry or social class you are targeting are questions you should predetermine even before you start designing your postcard. A postcard project directed towards the wrong audience is equivalent to a dog barking up the wrong tree and will most likely end up as a failure.

The third factor is the method by which to propagate your postcards. A very popular method employed by many businesses these days is direct mail or postcard mailing marketing. Postcard mailing brings many benefits to a business. With postcard mailing, advertising new products and services or spreading the word about a promotion is now easier and more cost-effective. At the same time, with postcard mailing, you can further customize your cards and direct them to certain groups. In addition to being an economical tool, postcards also allow easier and more frequent communication with your clients, both potential and existing. Postcard mailing offers a good number of very substantial benefits to your business; however, it also involves some thorough planning, most especially in preparing mailing lists. How well you have gathered and filtered your mailing list also determines the success of your postcard mailing campaign. offers mailing services in addition to our postcard printing services. Simply choose mailing services when asked to select the shipping method at the latter part of the ordering process. is your one-stop shop to a successful postcard marketing campaign.

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