The right kind of font can intrigue prospects and set your card apart, while a difficult font can be a disaster.

Choosing a Custom Font for Business Cards

Because of the delicate nature of business cards, choosing the right font can be a tricky venture. The right kind of font can either intrigue prospects and set your card apart, while a difficult font can be a disaster. Prospects might decide that your business is not worth the effort of deciphering your contact information.

A custom font is a cost-effective way to make your color business card more unique. Many websites offer free downloadable custom fonts, and you can often search for a font by theme. When choosing your business card font, keep several considerations in mind for a singular business card that turns prospects into customers.

Readability - That fancy font may look impressive on the preview, but try it on the business card to be sure it will work. You may just find that what you thought was the perfect font is not readable on a business card. Too many swirls and too much fancy artwork can hide the most basic goal of your business card: providing contact information.

Style - If you are a rock musician, then your audience will not be impressed with a straight-laced font. You will be better represented by an edgy look. You may not be able to find just the right fit for your company, and in this case will want to hire a designer to create a custom font that you can copyright. Although, using a free font or designing one yourself can save you money if you are on a tight budget.

Size - Business cards are only 3.5x2 inches in size, indicating that you have a very limited amount of space to work with. Once again, the readability factor comes into play. Make sure that the font you choose can include all of your necessary information without needing to shrink it to an undecipherable size.

Color - Although color does not come with a custom font, this is an important consideration. You will want to choose a color that fits with your brand but also stands out from the background. Dark colors are the best choice against a light background. Light fonts on a dark background do meet the contrast requirements but can be more difficult to read.

Printing - When sending your artwork to a business card printing company, be sure to send them the custom font file, otherwise they will have to replace it with one of their own. This will not only cause your style to change but also the alignment of the text.

Choosing a custom font for your business card printing can be a lot of fun, but remember to keep the five considerations discussed above in mind. Always balance the creativity factor with the readability factor so that your business cards are eye-catching yet do their job of getting your company new customers.

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