Rarely do people invest a large amount of time studying posters. Great designers understand this and design accordingly.

Excellent Poster Design Involves Artistic Guidelines

Rarely do people invest a large amount of time studying posters. Great designers understand this and create posters accordingly. They grab attention with short and simple design that can be grasped in the few seconds that viewers see a poster. In order for you to make an effective poster, follow the same artistic guidelines that graphic designers use. 
Create balance in your design for a poster that is easy on the eyes. 
If the poster makes sense, then it is more pleasant to read. You can choose a formal balance that is symmetrical of an informal balance that is divided vertically by an imaginary line. 
Create design movement in a way that directs the reader's eye. 
Most people read in a Z pattern, left top to the bottom right. For your poster printing project, consider how your information is displayed. Place most important information where the eye falls first and then secondary information after it. 
Create emphasis with design in order to draw attention to the vital information. 
Your heading should grab attention and inform at the same time. You can place emphasis on the heading in many different ways. One simple way to do that is to use white space liberally. Poster printing design thrives on white space. Not only does this give emphasis to vital information, it also gives the eye a place to rest on the poster. 
Another way to create emphasis is to add contrast. You can contrast color, style, and sizes. The point is that in order to emphasize, the element should be larger, bolder, or a more interesting font. 
Create unity in your design for cohesiveness. 
Unity in poster printing can be attained using the background design, panels, or overlapping elements. If the elements all work together then the poster will contain unity. Choose a theme for the overall design and make sure that every piece you add to the poster coincides with that theme. 
Create overall appeal to connect with the right audience. 
Your poster printing design will give off an overall impression. Use design in a way that appeals to your target audience - soft and delicate for products made for women; bold and powerful for masculine products.  
Try out a few different designs before you settle. Poster printing is an art form. Be creative in a deliberate way and you will be happy with the result.

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