A whole stack of brochures will not do you any good until you get them into the right hands.

Distribute Your Brochures Wisely

A whole stack of brochures will not do you any good until you get them into the right hands. General mailing services give you a very low return on investment, while giving your brochure to a target audience will be much more rewarding. So how do you find your target audience? Here are a few suggestions. 
Place your brochures where your customers are. 
If your service is auto body repair, then you can leave your brochure printing pieces in auto parts stores or auto shops, minus your competitors' shops. The idea is to think about where your particular customer will be when thinking about the services you offer. 
Choose locations where people are killing time. 
Well-written brochures can be a great read in a waiting room or at the DMV. Any place where people have to wait for an extended period of time is a great place for your brochure. 
Trade shows and conferences. 
Customers in your niche will be hanging out at trade shows in your industry. This audience is primed to accept your brochures. When people ask for brochures, they are even more likely to read them. Having a mailing list available for prospects to fill out will give you a very effective list for brochure mailing. 
Send brochures with all of your mail. 
Send out a brochure with every piece of mail you send out. Credit card payments, greeting cards, and EBay packages are all fair game. 
Insert you brochures into similarly focused materials. 
A catalog or magazine in your industry would be a great place to stick a brochure. For example, a brochure for an herb store would fit nicely in a local health magazine. 
Create a printable brochure on your web site. 
So much shopping is done online that you would regret not using this tool. Format a page to be easily printed so that customers can print their own brochures. 
The most effective distribution of brochures can be reached when you focus in on your target audience. Knowing your target audience is the first step. Then you will know where are the best locations to place your brochures.

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