The right font for brochure printing can determine success. Here are some guidelines for picking the best body type.

Choosing Appropriate Fonts for Brochure Body Copy

Choosing the right font for brochure printing can make a big difference in success. The temptation is to choose a strange and unusual font to add interest to your brochure. However, many fonts styles are not appropriate for body copy. Since body copy contains the bulk of the words in your brochure, it must be easy to read. Here are a few guidelines to consider when you are choosing the body type for your brochure printing project.

Make sure that your font is readable at 14 points and smaller.  
Some font styles look good when they are large, and while these fonts can be good for headlines and graphics, for body copy you should choose fonts that also read well in smaller sizes. Print a paragraph to see if your font type carries well onto the printed page. If you choose glossy paper for brochure printing, then test run your font on a glossy paper. If your body copy is easy to read, then you may have chosen the right font.    

Choose serif style fonts for your body copy.  
Serif fonts are fonts with extra flourish. They have curls and dashes on the edges of the letters. Some say that serif works well for body copy because the fluid motion of the letters moves the eye onto the next word smoothly. Sans serif simply means without serif. These are more plain and simple font styles. Sans serif can work nicely for headlines and graphics, since you want readers to pause long enough to take in your main message.    

Consider how your font looks in a large block.  
Check your font to make sure that it reads well continuously. Some fonts make reading large blocks of text very difficult. Also, avoid mono-spaced fonts for body copy, since this type of font breaks up the words and makes reading a challenge.    

Mix and match fonts wisely.  
You cannot just use any font together. Some fonts are compatible, and some are not. However, for more impact you can choose to make your brochure headlines a different font style than your body copy. Study how the fonts work together. They should look natural and compliment each other. While there are lots of points to consider, there is still room for creativity in choosing appropriate fonts for brochure printing. Do not hesitate to express you own style. Just be sure that the font you choose is readable. 

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