A roll fold brochure is a great design for leading readers through the information in an orderly fashion.

Tips for Designing a Roll Fold Brochure

There are many different folding choices when it comes to brochure printing designed in a roll fold, sometimes called a barrel fold. A roll fold brochure is a great design for leading readers through the information in an orderly fashion.

A roll fold brochure is generally printed on legal size paper and has four or more panels, each a bit smaller than the previous panel so that they all fold into each other. If you think your brochures will benefit from this layout, here are some tips for designing a roll fold brochure.

One of the most convenient features of the roll fold brochure is that it allows designers to lay out copy and images so readers have three viewing options:

  • In sections – with one panel of text revealed along with the corresponding panel of related illustrations.
  • All copy – keeping the copy in the left hand panels (as you open the brochure) allows the reader to fully open the brochure and view all copy at once.
  • All images – similarly, keeping all corresponding images and illustrations to the right side panels allows readers to fully open the brochure and view all images at once.

After the initial pass-through, it is often helpful for the reader to be able to review the information in-depth in an open format. This allows the reader to move quickly between important reference points located on the various panels and roll fold brochures are one of the best formats for accomplishing this.

Another unique use of roll fold brochures is that it allows a full six panel brochure with a detachable panel that can be used for coupons or response cards. While you can incorporate a detachable response card with a trifold brochure, when the consumer removes the detachable panel, they also remove valuable marketing space. Not so with the roll fold brochure!

The roll fold brochure allows businesses to keep their full six panel marketing brochure as well as incorporate a detachable panel that need not remove any of your valuable marketing information when separated.

Now consumers and volunteers can retain all of the important information they need and still make use of the detachable panel as best fits your application: to request more information, use as a bookmark, post as a reminder on a refrigerator or bulletin board, a coupon for savings, or however you choose to use the panel.

So next time you need brochures that open into an organized layout but want the extra room for a detachable panel, try a roll fold brochure. You will get all of the benefits associated with a trifold plus more, making your brochures into the incredible selling tools you envisioned!

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