Cheap postcard printing can be the best way to improve your return on investment for print advertising.

A Close Look at Cheap Postcard Printing Options

About Cheap Postcard Printing
Postcard advertising is a tried and true method for marketing, so cheap postcard printing can be the best way to improve your return on investment for print advertising. Common sense says that you may have to forgo quality if cheap postcard printing is the way you go, but at you do not have to compromise quality for the best pricing in the industry.

Get the most for less
Cheap postcard printing is a great way to save money, but you will need follow a few guidelines to make sure you get the best possible product. For example, take advantage of full bleed printing, use high resolution artwork, and use our layout guides.

Full bleed printing simply means that your graphics and pictures are flush with the edge of the paper. You can accomplish this effect by extending your graphics outside the printing area by at least ¼”. Full bleed printing comes as a standard option at, but just make sure your artwork has already been developed to have the graphics extend over the edge of the paper.

High resolution artwork means your graphics should be at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Some customers submit artwork at many times this resolution, but 300 dpi is all that is necessary. High resolution graphics will make sure that even cheap postcard printing through will result in a professional product.

Finally, use the layout guides to get the best possible results. The layout guides have been developed to make sure your graphics are positioned in just the right place. This is important for ensuring that your final postcard product looks exactly as you expect.

You don’t have to compromise
Cheap postcard printing and professional postcard printing are synonymous at Just be sure to use full bleed printing, high resolution graphics, and artwork submitted using the layout guides. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can get the most for your money. Just remember, cheap postcard printing at does not mean your final product has to suffer.


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