Easily customizable, postcards possess the capability to stimulate response and deliver results.

Why Postcard Marketing Remains Cutting Edge

Despite the proliferation of numerous marketing materials, postcard printing and mailing to target clients is still one of the most convenient and effective methods of advertising. Easily customizable for whatever campaign and purpose you wish, postcards possess the capability to stimulate response and deliver results.

PrintPlace.com believes that there are several things every business owner should consider as basic elements in planning and implementing postcard marketing campaigns.

1. Use your real estate wisely. Be careful not to clutter your postcard with images or elements that don't add value to your card. Unlike posters where you have plenty of space to arrange your visual elements, postcards allow for a small space and necessary selectivity. In addition, the human eye has difficulty interpreting the message of your postcards if you include too many design elements. Remember that white space can help draw the eye to your message and is preferable to cluttered, crowded layout.

2. Headlines will make or break your postcard marketing campaign.Create a well-considered and well-positioned headline for your card; without one its like a car traveling without headlights. Nobody will see you; therefore, nobody will take notice. Postcards serve their purpose best if they catch your target clients attention first and then proceed to effectively promote your companys products and services. Get your foot through the door with a short, catchy headline.

3. Use and choose graphics with purpose. Select graphics and images that contribute to the overall value and message of your card and your company. Use text and images that complement each other and reinforce what the other is saying. Avoid textual and visual redundancy.

4. Be consistent. Consistency makes you recognizable to your potential clients. Embed a sense of identity on your marketing material to make it easily recognizable and associated to your brand.

5. Send a clear message. The advertising copy provides the message of your marketing postcard. Remember again that space is limited so you have to make your message brief, precise, straight and clear. Keep your clients interest and attention with memorable, concise phrases. You have approximately five seconds to catch the readers attention before he decides to keep or toss your postcard. PrintPlace.com has free downloadable postcard templates which are fully customizable to your needs.

Shoot straight and with impact. That's how PrintPlace.com believes your message should be delivered to your clients and this is why we offer a variety of postcard printing solutions. Have postcards printed at PrintPlace.com today and learn the secret ingredient for your postcard marketing campaign.

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