Promotional postcards come in all forms. Some of the best don’t appear promotional at first glance.

5 Examples of Powerful Postcard Marketing

Promotional postcards are a critical tool in one of the most underutilized direct mail marketing methodologies available to small business professionals today. The simplicity and small size of postcards allow for the rapid development of design ideas. Indeed, the low-cost to print and mail postcards makes postcard direct mail marketing something too good to ignore. In short, printed postcards are an effective and highly efficient way to generate better marketing results in less time.

What follows is a short description of five powerful ways to use promotional postcards as a means to grow any business.

Postcard Direct Mail

Postcards are commonly used in the direct mail marketing campaigns of businesses both large and small. The most effective of these campaigns calls for sending pieces to a list of qualified candidates that share common characteristics (such as newlyweds). The outgoing pieces should be uncluttered, offer unmistakable value to the buyer, and have a clear call to action. Images used on these postcards should convey a powerful emotional message to the recipient.

Return Postcards

Many people don’t think about the fact that postcards can travel both ways in the mail. You can send a postcard to a targeted lead with information, or you can provide a postage-paid card to a targeted lead requesting information (e-mail address, etc.) and wait for its return. In this way, the marketer can build a database of qualified sales leads.

Postcards as Invitations

People love to attend social gatherings. The food and beverage industry has exploited this fact masterfully by hosting food and wine tasting events that are in fact, face-to-face social marketing experiments. Any business can come up with an idea to bring potential new clients to one of their locations to garner some marketing exposure. All you need is an event idea and a clever promotional postcard printed to look like an invitation.

The Table Advertisement

Promotional postcards left on desks and tables inside hotels, bank lobbies, real estate offices, open houses, libraries, medical clinics and other public spaces work well as return mail pieces. Such pieces need to be sufficiently appealing to command the attention of passersby and they only need to ask for the minimum amount of personal information required for a qualified lead. The best of these campaigns gives the respondent a choice to either mail the card back with their contact information or simply place a call to a toll-free number.

The Holiday Postcard

The holiday postcard is a way for any organization to let their existing clients and prospects know that they are thinking about them during the most significant times of the year. During the holidays, people frequently think about their families and there is no better form of branding than to associate your organization with family. Postcard marketing pieces that arrive in the form of a holiday greeting are far more likely to be read, and there isn’t even an envelope to open. The most powerful direct mail postcards use the holiday greeting theme to create an emotional connection with the prospect and avoid aggressive sales pitches. Including a map indicating your business location, along with general contact information, is sufficient.

In every business, first impressions matter. An effective postcard marketing effort requires a moving and impactful message within a small amount of space. Sending high quality postcards for your marketing campaign will reflect well on your organization.

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