Custom printing gives you freedom so that you can promote your company with products that fit your image.

How to Choose a Custom Printing Service

Whenever your business needs to print brochures, booklets, newsletters, or any other type of corporate literature, find a printer that offers custom printing. A printing company that gives discount prices but only a few options, does not allow for you to be creative in your design. Custom printing gives you freedom so that you can promote your company with mailouts and stationery that fit your image. Although the options provided depend on the type of product to be printed, most marketing orders should come with several of the following options.

  1. The printer should offer plenty of sizes, especially if you are ordering brochures, booklets, catalogs, postcards, or other similar mailouts. You may be stuck in a marketing rut and suddenly realize that you might need to try a more unique size to fit your message. For instance, a 6x8 postcard may be what is needed to catch the attention of your prospects.
  2. Paper type is an important option as this allows you to choose not only the hardiness but also the "feeling" that you want to promote. For instance, a heavier uncoated stock will make those banquet invitations more professional while a high gloss will be perfect for a bright corporate Christmas card.
  3. Some products will need to be folded and either having several types of folds will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind advertising tool. For instance, brochures can be flat or folded anywhere from accordion or gate style to the more common tri-fold. You might even want to fold business cards or posters. provides a variety of custom printing options at discount prices no matter the type of printing you need. Check out the eight fold options for brochures or our nine sizes of flyers. We offer several regular paper stocks or you can request a custom quote for any of your print projects. Our full color business cards, postcards, and menus allow clients to display your business 24/7. Go to and customize with ease at prices you can afford.

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