Multi-Page Printing Types

There are lots of different kinds of multi-page or booklet printing types and styles from which you could choose. Depending on your needs, booklet orcatalog printing may be your solution if you have any more than five pages worth of information you need to put into your customers' or employees' hands. Before you start developing your booklet, consider these different types of booklets. Based on the type of booklet you need, you can do more research and possibly use templates to speed up your process and improve your results.

  • Pamphlets - Pamphlets are actually unbound. They are printed on a larger sheet of paper and then folded down to multiple "panels" which represent the pages. Pamphlets are ideal for high color, dramatic presentations, but because of their small size are most effective when a single product or service is being presented.
  • Catalogs - these can range from 8 to over 100 pages each. Larger catalogs (100 pages or more) are usually held together by glue, while smaller catalogs of 96 pages or less can be held together with staples. Catalogs are usually meant for an end consumer such as a small business or residential customer. Higher gloss paper and full color pictures along with the product information is what you would normally include in a catalog.
  • Guides - A simple layout with a table of contents is typically all that is necessary. Guides can be bound with staples or inexpensive spines.
  • Reports - Many companies develop financial reports on a quarterly basis or maybe present research to a board, stock holders, or a bank. A professional presentation of your information is important in these environments. Reports typically include at least a few pages of full color graphs and charts, and reports can be bound with staples or spines, depending on their size.

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