Instead of ordering small amounts of brochures or postcards, purchase a wholesale amount for a lower price.

The Many Advantages of Wholesale Printing

One of the ways that your company can save on printing costs is through wholesale printing. Instead of ordering small amounts of brochures or postcards, purchase a wholesale amount for a lower price. This also saves time because you are not constantly re-ordering advertising products; instead, you can simply pull from your stock of supplies.

Wholesale printing companies have a minimum amount of products that you can order so that their cost stays low and, therefore, so does yours. Usually the minimum requirement is around 250 or 500 and can go up to 10,000 or more. High quality wholesale printers use a technique called offset printing, which enables them to cut cost. With this method, an image is printed onto a plate, then transferred onto a rubber mat, and finally pressed onto the paper. Because a plate can be used for an unlimited amount of prints, the only cost to the printer after the plate is created is in the paper and ink, which is very minimal. Another technique that allows the printer to print large amounts at a time at low cost is die cut printing. A steel cutter, called a die, is formed into the shape needed. The die is very sharp so that many cuts can be made at once. Printers cut cost with die printing by creating dies of common shapes and sizes that they can reuse. is a commercial printing company that offers wholesale prices along with quality services and custom options. We provide a quick turnaround – one day for many products – and electronic or next day mail proofs. We also offer free templates for download or a design team if your time is limited. Other services include mailing and an instant pricing tool that changes as you choose your options. provides standard sizes, folding, and paper stock along with more unique choices. Custom trim and full bleed are also available, and we use full color to insure clear, vivid colors and images. Visit today and experience a wholesale printer that can insure the professional quality products you desire.

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