Print advertising and online marketing can be used to work together on a number of levels.

Print Advertising and Online Marketing

One of the worst lessons a business can learn the hard way is that online marketing and print advertising must both be used for either to work effectively.  While the Internet is an incredible marketing tool in that it creates a number of new opportunities for advertising, many companies have made the mistake of dropping print advertising efforts altogether.  Unfortunately, they were one of those businesses that learn the hard way that this simply does not work.  

In fact, print advertising and online marketing can be used to work together on a number of levels.  If your business has been thinking about cutting print advertising to focus on online marketing, or vice versa, consider these key points.  

While many people use the internet every day, there is still a large group of potential customers that do not rely heavily on the internet to research.  The same is true for print advertising – many potential customers simply throw out printed materials they receive in the mail.  The point is that when you quit advertising with print or online, you lose a large potential customer base.

Brand reinforcement 
When people see your print advertisements in the mail and then see a banner advertisement on a website for your company, the result is that you have exponentially improved brand recognition.  People learn patterns, and when they see your brand repeatedly, they begin to connect with and recall your company much more easily.  This is especially true when your brand is recognized across several different mediums, such as postcards and the mailbox and an advertisement in the e-mail inbox.

The simple fact is that it is common to have a customer mailing address, but not have the e-mail address.  The reverse is often also the case.  When sending out an e-mail campaign, offer a discount in return for their mailing address.  When sending postcards, give them a discount in return for logging onto your website and giving you their e-mail address.  Now you can expose this customer to both direct mail efforts and online advertising.  

Demographics, brand reinforcement, and integration are just a few things to consider before your business focus is completely on print or online advertisements.  In reality, both will work better when used together.  

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