Retail businesses face some of the greatest challenges and most intense competition.

Retail Print Advertising Ideas

Retail businesses face some of the greatest challenges and most intense competition.  Even the smallest edge over a competitor could mean the difference between success or failure.  Print advertising and marketing for retail businesses is absolutely vital, but most small business owners of retail stores do not have time to develop complicated print advertising campaigns. 
This article discusses a few print advertising ideas to get some ideas flowing.  All the different ways that a retail business could use print advertising are far beyond the scope of what we could write in one article.  So let some of these print advertising ideas get you started on the right foot with some print campaigns that have been successful for other retail businesses in the past. 
Direct mail 
You don’t have time to distribute printed flyers and printed brochures to all of your potential customers.  But there are professional printing firms that can help you by printing postcards or greeting cards, as an example, while also handling the responsibility of mailing to your customers.  This can save you an enormous amount of time, which in turn is money. 
Door hangers 
A quick and easy way to let neighboring communities know that you are available is with door hangers.  Take a Saturday with your employees and divide up a series of neighborhoods or commercial centers.  Do not worry about trying to engage customers at their homes or businesses, just leave the flyers; they can find it later.  Again, a professional printing firm can save you a lot of time and frustration by handling this project for you. 
Stickers can work on just about anything.  Just put your logo and your website and maybe a phone number on the sticker.  Don’t worry about complicated designs and slogans.  You probably don’t have time to mess with all of that.  You should be able to send your logo to a printing firm so they can develop stickers for you quickly. 
Finally, don’t forget the all important signage outside a building.  This goes beyond simply putting the name of your store on the front of the building.  If you plan to have a sale or have ongoing specials, think about having some posters printed.  If you cannot afford large signage on your building, many printing firms can help you develop oversized posters or banners that will work just fine until you can save up for an expensive sign. 
These are just a few ideas that can save you time and money but are also known to be very effective.  Use print advertising ideas as a launching pad for your own creative marketing efforts.  Don’t forget that one of your biggest assets is a professional printing firm that can deliver high quality products reliably.

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