Catalog Traps and Pit Falls

Putting together a catalog printing project can be one of the more difficult marketing tasks you undertake.  The benefits far outweigh the headaches, but every now and again we need a reminder of what to avoid.  This article touches on a few of the catalog printing issues that commonly occur.

Forgot the full color
Consumers expect full color catalogs these days.  Don't make the mistake of printing in black and white.  Many companies are simply trying to save money when they commit this error, while others just do not realize the importance of full color.  If you do not have product pictures or graphics for a page, consider using a full color logo just to add a little bit of spice.

The copy is sloppy
The English language is easily the most complicated form of communication on the planet.  It takes a special person to be able to edit and proofread copy for a catalog printing project.  Few things will distract from the credibility of your catalog and copy more than spelling or grammar issues.  Don't forget that your technical specifications need to be correct as well.

Poor printing
Catalog printing is not one of those projects you should attempt to do yourself.  Work with a professional printing firm who has experience with catalogs.  Take the time to find a printing company that can also help you with direct mailing of your catalogs.  This can save your company considerable time and money.

Design left to be desired
Catalog printing and design requires a balance of the art and science required to effectively communicate your products and services to your customers.  Consider working with a professional designer or take a little bit of time to research catalog layout theory.  This can go a long way in making sure your catalog is visually appealing to your customers.

Take the time to double check your catalog for the above mistakes. You can never be too careful when it comes to editing. A polished catalog will tell customers that your company is trustworthy and professional, an image that is worth the extra time and effort.


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