Color Blends for Captivating Postcards

By the time consumers walk from the mailbox to their house, they have already decided which mail they will toss and which ones they will read. For this reason, postcards must be attractive enough for consumers to decide to read. Although several factors come into play when designing an eye-catching color postcard, the blend of colors used is one of the most important. Use this color combination guideline for postcards that consumers can't help but read.

Black/Yellow or Orange - Orange is one of the most successful colors in marketing because it is a color that indicates energy, encouraging consumers to make a move. Black combined with yellow or orange grabs attention, which is why construction and caution signs use these colors, and probably why Kodak chose black/yellow for their brand.

Orange/Blue - This color scheme is often used for cleaning and laundry packaging. Not only do these colors stand out easily but also combine harmoniously. Blue is associated with calmness and water, and in duo with orange motivates buyers without being overbearing.

Red/Green - Often associated with Italian products and Christmas, red/green should be used carefully on your postcard, unless you are marketing an Italian or Christmas product. The upside to these hues is that they are highly engaging and can be used successfully without a pasta or holiday vibe if combined carefully.

Purple/Yellow - Purple signifies royalty while yellow is cheery and bright. Put together, these two colors are captivating and also create an elegant look. The yellow can be toned down to a more gold color to avoid too much brightness.

Blue/Yellow - Especially when using a deep shade of yellow, these two hues provide sharp contrast. The water and sunshine associations make these two colors perfect for a postcard advertising summer or beach products.

While this color blend list provides plenty of ideas to keep your postcard designs fresh for a long time, you could also use a color wheel to customize your own combinations. For maximum contrasts, choose colors on opposite sides of the wheel. Don't forget to take into account the meanings of colors so that your postcards are not only captivating but also send the right message.


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