Color, Design, and Branding of Your Logo

Your logo should be at the heart of your company’s branding and marketing efforts.  This one item sums up everything that you are to your customers. People organize ideas and concepts into categories. The logo is how your customers organize all the information that they know about your company.
Too many companies produce logos that ineffectively communicate.  These poor logo designs are often the result of a business owner that tried to create the logo on their own.  Three basic concepts must be kept in mind for logos to be effective: color, design, and branding.
Many people make the mistake of putting too many colors in their logo.  Ideally, you should limit your logo to having two colors, and at the most four colors.  Remember, your logo will be reproduced across many different mediums.  Often your logo will be printed in black and white.  If you use too many colors, the customer will not recognize your logo when they see it in black and white.  A simple design that only integrates two, or at the most four, colors will be recognized across more mediums.
Keep it simple.  As a rule, you should be able to recognize your logo from a distance at a glance.  Lots of swirls and small designs often distract from the main image of the logo.  These intricacies can often be printed poorly when reproduced on small items.  Your logo should be scalable, so that it’s recognizable both in small print and a large billboard.
Put your logo on everything.  The whole point of branding through a logo is to make sure that everybody knows your company as soon as they see your logo.  This means that you must exhibit your logo to customers and potential customers every opportunity you can get.
Once you have selected and finalized your logo, keep it around for a long time.  The real key to branding through your logo is that people are exposed to it on a regular basis.  If you change your logo too frequently you run the risk of never really creating true brand recognition.


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