The Scoop on Brochures

Brochures are those informational marketing documents that you see everywhere. They are at the bank offering account deals that can’t be beat while you stand in line to make a deposit. At a trade show, everyone ends up with a handful of full color brochures to take back to the hotel room at the end of each day. As you wait for a table in the restaurant, multiple brochures in rack card holders advertise the most exciting entertainment in town. Anyone can run everyday errands and return home with a brochure from nearly every stop. Yet, many will not pick up even one. So how do you make an irresistible brochure that stands out from the rest?

Create professional quality, eye-popping colorful brochures with full color printing. Also known as four color, this method of printing brochures uses the primary colors of ink (CMYK), rather than the primary colors of light (RGB), which means that the images will appear more clear and bright on paper. The RGB (red, green, blue) method only appears professional on screen, hence the use of RGB colors for websites and other non-print material. Even though the combination of the three colors – cyan, magenta, and yellow – can create dark hues, the black ink (what the “K” stands for) is included for a truer black color. Most commercial printers use 4 color but not all, which is why you will need to double check on the website or give them a call.

Of course, four color printing alone cannot increase your ROI. Create a stunning cover page that cannot be ignored. To do this, write a headline that makes an alluring yet believable offer. It needs to be something that no other business is providing. Use a font that is easily readable and large enough to be seen from a few feet away. Include an image that supports the offer, one that enhances believability. Use only two or three different colors, and make sure that they contrast well so the headline pops out from the background.

Brochures are available by the dozens. Make sure that yours get the attention they deserve by using full color printing and a cleverly designed cover.

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