10 Advantages of Promotional Print Calendars

If you are having trouble deciding what promotional tools you would like to invest in, consider a promotional calendar. You can be as creative as you want or as simple as you want when you print calendar designs. Here are a few of the advantages to choosing a promotional print calendar to market your business.

1. Calendars are used everywhere
A print calendar is used in every place you can think of. Offices, stores, homes, and clubs all use calendars. And wherever people place your promotional calendar, they are advertising your business.
2. Calendars are nice to look at
You can use great creativity in designing your print calendar. Choose from a range of landscapes, animals, classic artwork, or original artwork. The possibilities are endless. Calendar designs can be a great way to express your business through art and design.
3. The cost of calendars can be as economical as you like
Calendars are available in many different sizes and styles, so you can find a print calendar to meet your marketing budget with ease. Just be sure to choose a printing company that can guarantee quality.
4. Calendars are easy to print with online printing companies
Having calendars printed is as easy as sending your design to an online printing company. Shopping for options is simple. The price lists and a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes are easily accessible. 
5. Anyone would enjoy a print calendar as a gift
Calendars make a unique and thoughtful gift. They can be as professional or personal as you like.
6. Promotional calendars will market your business for a full twelve months
Calendars are used all year long. Often they are looked at daily. When your print calendar is used daily, then your customer is reminded of your company daily for a full year.
7. Calendars are functional
People need calendars. They are used for scheduling and keeping appointments. Anything from doctors' visits and birthday parties to business meetings and deadlines are documented on calendars. They are very useful tools to have around.
8. Easily delivered by direct mail
Calendars can be sent in the mail. The cost remains low and you have very little work to do to with this distribution method since you can use the mailing services provided by your printer. 
9. Calendars put you in front of your customers
Use a print calendar to showcase your company name and logo. Include you phone number and address along with your web address. This will provide an easy way for your customers to get a hold of you.
10. You can include a call to action
Take some space on your pages to encourage customers to purchase service or products from you. You can subtly talk about the advantages of your business within the pages of your print calendar. There is a lot of room on calendars, so go ahead and use some of the space to sell yourself.
Promotional calendars are becoming one of the more popular giveaways for nearly any business, for obvious reasons. Begin creating your print calendar now, so that you have enough time to get them to your customers before the end of the year.


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