Catalog Checklist

If you are considering a catalog printing project, you are probably feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.  Catalog printing is a massive undertaking, but the fruits of your labor can be well worth it.  Here’s a quick check list you can use as you begin pulling together all the parts and pieces for your perfect catalog printing project.

  1. Layout plan – First and foremost you should put a plan together so you know the overall look and feel of your catalog.  How many products will you fit on each page?  How many pages will your catalog be?
  2. Branding scheme – If you have not already, formalize your branding scheme.  This includes colors, shapes, types of pictures, and of course your logo.
  3. Product list – Next you should put together a list of all the products and services you will be advertising.
  4. Product pictures – Then you should begin to collect all of the product pictures you will be using.
  5. Product descriptions – Begin to develop product descriptions that appeal to your customers.
  6. Technical information – Don’t forget to include all the technical information you may need.  This is especially true if you’re working with technology based products.
  7. Product pricing – A great way to get your catalog thrown away quickly is to not include pricing.  To the best of your ability, you should include up-to-date prices.
  8. Editorial content – Relevant articles about industry technology, important events, and important people in your company are great ways to add value to your catalog printing project.
  9. Industry events – A calendar of industry events can be a powerful tool for your customers, and this can make your catalog all the more valuable to them.
  10. Contact information – Consider putting your phone number and web site on the header and footer of each page.  This guarantees that your customer can very quickly find you and more information should they need it.

There you go!  Not too bad, is it?  Yes, it is a lot of information to pull together, but catalog printing is an incredible way to connect with customers and the return on investment may make catalog printing one of the more lucrative advertising forms you use.


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