How to Design Promotional Calendars

Designing a promotional calendar for your business is one of the best ways to advertise 24/7, 365 days a year. Just be sure to choose images and a style that will be a good fit. The more personal it is while appealing to all, the more interested others will be in your print calendar. Show your pride by promoting your best work in the images, and use high quality resolution and heavy grade paper so your images look brilliant. With these fives steps for calendar printing, you will be eager to start on next year's calendar just a couple of months after finishing the current year’s calendar. 

Pick a Style
Choose what style of calendar you want to create. The common types of calendars to choose from are wall, small desktop, and large desktop planners but you could also go with the less traditional monthly postcard calendar or business card calendar. Your images can be local scenic backdrops and semi-local tourist attractions or industry-related photographs. Keep in mind that when calendar printing for promoting a business, choose something that will both appeal to customers as well as represent your business well. 

Gather Content
Next gather content and material for your calendar.  Collect images, notes, quotes, tips, or interesting facts. Don’t forget to make and check your list of holidays that will be included for calendar printing. You may even want to include photography of some of your business’s best work (with client approval).          

Design Your Calendar
Choose a design for your calendar. Many design software programs have several calendar templates from which to choose, making calendar designing much easier. Just insert your images and content and your design will be complete as fast as you can cut and paste. A graphic designer or professional can aid you in calendar printing as well, a must if you do not have a creative eye. 

Find a Printing Company
Check online and local printing shops for the best prices for calendar printing. Although there are an unlimited number of calendar printing service companies from which to choose, only a few can offer convenience, low prices, and competitive service, usually found with an online calendar printing company.

Print a Sample
Always print a sample before ordering a mass amount when calendar printing. This will ensure that your calendar looks just as you were expecting. Realistically, there are always a few last minute improvements that need to be made to your calendar, so a proof from your printer is always a good idea. Make sure your printer gives you the option for either electronic or a physical proof so that you can choose the right option for you.   


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