Promotional Calendars: Planning for the Perfect Giveaway

Many businesses have taken advantage of the calendar for promoting their brand because of the many benefits involved. The best part of calendar giveaways is that while customers hang them on their wall in the home or office, they are also displaying your brand in the open 24/7. Plus, personalized calendars are one of the more successful giveaways because most people like the convenience of free calendars and will use them as long as they are relatively pleasing to the eye. Sending promotional calendars yearly will help to create loyal customers who look forward to your yearly act of benevolence.

Calendars are easy to design with templates, which most calendar printing companies provide. Simply upload your photographs of such subjects as landscapes, animals, or any other theme that would appeal to your customers. Include your logo and contact information and after choosing events to include, you're finished. Avoid making an easy job too difficult by planning before you jump into designing your calendar. Take the following considerations into mind:

Paper Stock

There are two main types of calendar paper - heavy coated or a lighter uncoated. Usually a glossy 100# text is used for photograph wall calendars since this is more durable and also more pleasing to the eye. For commercial calendars that clients will use for penciling in events, an uncoated paper such as 70# text is used.


Calendars can range in size from the mini 6x9 wall calendar to the jumbo 12x12 size. Choose the size based on your audience. If your sales are mostly business-to-business, then the larger size might be best for easier viewing in the office.


You will need to decide what binding to use. Some printers only offer saddle-stitched binding (the pages are stapled together inside of the fold) because of its durability and low cost. A less popular calendar bindery is ring binding. It is much more expensive because of the extra steps required for assembly and not as strong, although this binding is necessary if designing a desk calendar because of the ease of flipping through the months.


Wall calendars include a separate photograph and month on each page. Desk calendars may include a photo or saying along with each month and are able to stand upright on a desk. Commercial calendars can be hung on the wall or laid on a desk, usually do not include a photograph, and are uncoated for writing events in the dates.


Offset, full color printing is necessary for giveaways to avoid seeming cheap. The quality of your calendars will reflect on the quality of your company, so choose a printer carefully. You don't have to choose the most expensive one, though. A wholesale offset printer will be able to offer professional results at a discounted price as long as you need a large quantity. You may also want to use a calendar printer that can mail your calendars directly to the client to save you time.

Calendar printing can be as easy as uploading your photos to a template, imprinting with your logo and event dates, and sending to the printer. Just be sure to use the checklist above to plan first, and your calendar giveaways are sure to be hit with your customers!

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