The Case of Glossy Business Cards

One of the more standardized marketing tools that you have at your disposal are business cards.  It can be a challenge making your business cards interesting simply because there’s not a whole lot you can do in a 3.5 X 2 inch space.  Without going too extreme, you want your business cards to be memorable yet still professional.
This article discusses the case of glossy business card printing as a way to stand out from the crowd.  Glossy business cards are cost effective, enhance professionalism, increase visibility, and improve durability. Each is explained below in greater detail so that you can be sure to make the right choice for the finish on your business card.
Cost effective
Going glossy with your business card printing may be less expensive than you might think.  Often a glossy finish will only add a fraction of a cent more per business card.  Unless you are printing hundreds of thousands of business cards, this additional cost will likely be marginal at best.
Glossy business cards generally look better than the standard business card finish.  This is especially true if you are using a great deal of color and graphics on your business card printing.  A glossy finish can add the extra touch of professionalism that can set your card apart from your competition.
When combined with full color graphics and pictures, glossy business cards can visually jump out at your customers.  This improves recognition and visibility if your business card is next to a competitor who may not be using glossy business cards.  Standard black and white business cards will not have the same stunning effect as glossy business cards with full color graphics.  So, if you use black and white graphics, glossy business cards may not be for you.
Finally, a glossy finish drastically improves the durability of your business card.  Stains, spills, and other general wear and tear are reduced dramatically with a glossy finish or coat.  Since printing business cards is a long-term advertising strategy, durability is definitely something to be considered.
It’s hard to make a case against glossy business card printing when you look at the costs, added professionalism, and improved visibility and durability.  If you only have a black and white business card, glossy may not really help.  But for everybody else, glossy business card printing may be the difference between memorable a business card and one that ends up in the pile of unused business cards.

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