UV Coating

Marketing tools such as brochures, postcards, rack cards, business cards, and pamphlets are handled frequently and, therefore, need a protective covering to prevent fingerprints and scuff marks. UV coating is one of the strongest coatings available and will keep your commercial mailouts from looking old by the time they arrive to clients. A coating such as UV will also protect advertising products from packaging wear and tear.

A coating can be applied one of two ways – the flood or spot method. Flooding means that the entire front and back surface is covered all at once by the coating. This method is a quick process as many products can be covered at once. The spot technique only covers certain areas of a surface, for instance, only the front. Unlike aqueous coating, which can only be applied by flooding, UV can be applied by either method.

A UV coating can be dull or glossy and provides more protection and sheen than other coatings. Cover weight paper provides the best results with UV.

Printers use ultraviolet lights to dry a UV coating, hence the name. This method of drying is almost immediate and environmentally friendly because no chemicals are released into the atmosphere during the process.

Not all printing companies can offer UV coating because of the special machinery needed for the process. PrintPlace.com is one company who does offer both UV and aqueous coating and at wholesale prices. We make sure that when you choose to coat your product with UV, you only choose the right weight of paper so that your product is of the highest quality. You can customize your product specifically for your image by choosing between a dull or high gloss UV coating. So go to PrintPlace.com and select your custom options to create the high quality marketing tools you need.

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