Catalog Cover Design

So the interior design of your company catalog is complete and contains the best selection of products for your customers. The next step then is the catalog cover design, which could be the most crucial part. If your cover does not impel the customer to open the catalog, then your time, effort, and money was wasted.

Begin your catalog cover design process by choosing the information needed on the cover. Your company name and logo, contact information, and expiration date of the catalog are all a necessity. Make sure that your cover has a call to action. List your deals and feature product to encourage the buyer to read more. Your graphic design should match the interior message and your image. Do you want people to know you as a complete source for specific products or a company that sells unique inventory? If your cover does not compliment the inside of your booklet, then a prospect will be more likely to toss the next edition in the trash without even a glance. Last of all, choose a layout that is organized and neat. Avoid too much clutter on the cover as this may overwhelm your buyer. If you are unsure of where to begin in the layout process, using a template will provide clear direction. Now your catalog is reading for the printer.

Choosing a printing company that provides professional custom services and products can be a daunting task. wants to end your search for a printing partner. We offer full color printing throughout your catalog and five standard sizes. Your company can choose three cover stocks that match the interior paper or a heavier cover stock than the inside pages. With mailing services, free templates, and design help, will help you create the cover you need to sell your products.

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