4 x 6 Postcards

4 x 6 Postcards Complete With Mailing

Give your marketing plan the boost it needs with one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods available in 4x6 postcards.


  • 100% offset printing for all postcard quantities.

  • 4 glossy or uncoated stocks.

  • 7 standard sizes or custom trim to a size of your choice.

  • Full color and full bleed printing on your choice of one or both sides.

  • Postcard rates applied to mailing of 4x6 postcards. Other standard postcard sizes can be mailed at USPS automated Letter rates.

  • Tear-off perforation option available for Postcards.

  • Note: UV coating cannot be added to the address/mailing side if the job includes mailing services.

In a rush?  Same Day turnaround option is available for cards printed on 10pt and 14pt cover, gloss 2 sides.

Just the perfect size for a powerful headline and call to action, 4x6 postcards will definitely get noticed right away by your audience but at a cost that does not steal your profits.

Direct mail marketing using 4x6 postcards is an economical and efficient way to attract new customers. These simple, cost-effective mailers are great attention-getters. Need more space? Look into our Folded Postcards


In a rush?  Same Day turnaround option is available for cards printed on 10pt and 14pt cover, gloss 2 sides.


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4 x 6 Postcards

Using 4 x 6 postcards to market your business is one of the smartest moves you can make. Printed postcards are instant advertising pieces that are impossible to ignore. Everyone checks their mailbox, hopefully daily, and the postcard is in the hands of your recipient and in their line of vision before they have a change to discard it.

Postcards are also very affordable, especially when you choose 4x6 sized postcards. They are the smallest size that can be sent for the lowest postal rate, and they can be used very effectively for many marketing ideas:

  • Souvenir style 4x6 postcards can be aesthetically pleasing so that they are kept and displayed for an extended time. Place your logo and short message on the backside to stay fresh on the minds of your audience.
  • Promotional 4x6 postcards can be sent out to notify your customers that you exist and why they should come see you.
  • Call to action postcards can be used to give your customers directions to follow that will lead to an eventual sale.
  • Announce an event with your 4x6 postcards. Send your event notices on a Tuesday or Wednesday the week before your event for best results.
  • News updates can be sent out on 4x6 postcards. Keep your message brief and impactful.
  • Coupons are an excellent use for your 4x6 postcards. Have your recipients bring in their postcard for a discount.
  • Invitations to special events like a web event or a 2-day sale can be sent on a postcard.
  • Driving traffic to your website with a postcard is simple. Make a good impression with your graphics and give your recipients a reason to go online and visit your website.

Remember that you don’t have to cram your 4x6 postcards with content. A good balance of graphics and a few impactful words will go a long way.

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