Four Color Postcard Printing

Direct mail with four color postcard printing is easy, affordable and it offers more marketing impact for your dollar than other direct mail pieces. Whether you want to send 1,000 four color postcards or 1,000,000,'s postcard mailing service lets you print and mail postcards without leaving your desk.

Details: Postcard Printing and Mailing

  • Full color on the front with color or blank back
  • Four paper stock options available
  • All standard sizes are eligible to mail at USPS automated rates

Follow the secifications provided to ensure your artwork prints correctly. Our templates are provided as a ZIP files and include PDF, AI, and JPG versions of each template.

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Be sure to DELETE "template layer" before you submit your files.

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The Benefits of Postcards in Color

In today's marketing world, black and white has become almost unnoticeable. With new technology having made color printing much more affordable than in the past, printing postcards in full color is a necessity, if just for keeping up with the competition. This isn't the only reason you should print postcards in color, though. Here are just some of the advantages you'll receive with four color postcard printing.

1. Compete on a Professional Level
With full color postcards, your message will stand out from competitors who made the mistake of printing in black and white. As mentioned above, you will also be able to compete with the "big dogs" with professional color printing available to both amateurs and professionals alike through

2. Engage Customers
Without color, postcards simply cannot grab a consumer's attention. Direct mail postcards have to be appealing enough for customers to pause and read the message. A color postcard provides enough stimulus to captivate an audience in only a few seconds, plenty of time to hook them with your unbeatable offer.

3. Create Depth
Many images are captivating because of the depth that can only be created with color. Printing your postcards in color allows you to choose a vivid image that draws the viewer into the picture, a vital connection point you can create with the right image.

4. Set a Tone
One of the purposes of color is to create a mood for your postcard. For instance, red and green have an Italian or Christmas tone. Pastel colors are used to set the mood for a spring or baby theme. Whatever the tone of your message, the right colors can easily create this for you.

5. Brand Your Postcards
Reinforcing your brand whenever you get the chance is one of the most important steps you can take to creating loyal customers. Therefore, use your company brand colors in your postcard, even if it's only in the logo or headline.

Although these benefits are definitely worthy of convincing anyone to print full color postcards, they cannot help if you do not choose a reliable printer. With full color, full bleed postcard printing and color management throughout the entire printing process, is the company you need for vivid color postcards. So take advantage of these advantages and print your color postcards with today.

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