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Print Postcards With Cool Options You Didn’t Know Existed

The full potential of postcards has yet to be fully explored by many businesses and designers. As most of us know them, postcards are often just a flat piece of cardstock with images. The ones you find sold on racks in tourist traps and office supply stores certainly tend to be in this format, but your postcards can be so much more. While you may already know that there are different stocks and size options for postcards, you may not have known just how customizable postcards can be.

Before you print postcards for your next campaign, take a look at these cool postcard options you might not have realized existed. They just might make a big impact on your direct mail conversion rates.

Half-Fold Postcards

folded postcard

Using a half-fold postcard gives you twice the space of a standard postcard, at the same USPS rates. The extra space can be used for adding more information, or simply to optimize the postcard for better conversion rates. This format also allows easy conversion of existing folded brochure designs into a mailable marketing tool.

Trifold Postcards

trifold postcard

This letter-folded format affords you even more space — you get 6 panels to work with, all at the same standard letter rates as regular postcards. Trifold postcards really let you get more in-depth with your marketing copy without having to sacrifice space for an appealing cover or for USPS requirements. This format also lets you convert existing trifold brochures and small catalogs into postcards, potentially increasing your conversion rates substantially, with minimal effort.

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)

United States Postal Service

Washington Post

Every Door Direct Mail is the most affordable mailing option available via the USPS, and it’s a fantastic, cost-effective way of quickly reaching an entire neighborhood with targeted direct mail. For marketers looking for maximum coverage at a low cost, EDDM is a tried-and-tested method.

Other Options

custom perforated postcard

Custom Trim

Add a custom trim to your postcards for a more classic look. This suits many upscale and traditional brands. You can even specify the amount of trim with our easy online ordering tool or call us for additional help.


You can add tabs to folded postcards for both convenience and for a more professional look overall. You have your choice of single, double, or triple tabs. Be sure to check USPS guidelines on tabs if your postcards need to qualify for special rates.

Rounded Corners

Prevent unsightly dented corners on your postcards and keep them mint longer. Standard postcards can be ordered with rounded corners in a ⅛ or ¼ radius, giving otherwise ordinary postcards a more polished look.


Need a little something extra to get your recipients interested? Print postcards with a perforation for tear-off coupons and gift cards. Perforations can also be used for mail-in entry forms.

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