5 Steps to A Successful Custom Greeting Card

Custom greeting cards are a great way to send a highly personalized message to customers, friends, and family.  Most people cannot afford to have a professional design team develop custom greeting cards for them.  Good thing there are lots of tools available for the do-it-yourselfer.  Specifically, there are five easy steps you can follow to get the perfect custom greeting cards: select a template, choose a theme, get your graphics, arrange your text and graphics, and finally proof and print.

Select a Custom Greeting Card Template

Most professional printing firms will supply you with downloadable templates so that you can develop and design your own custom greeting cards.  Once you have the templates, you can design custom greeting cards in your favorite software.

Choose a Theme

Next, choose a theme such as a holiday or special occasion.  This is an important step so that you know what kind of graphics and text to put on your custom greeting cards.  There are an abundance of themed images for public use that can be found on the internet.

Get Your Graphics

Once you know your theme you can start collecting your graphics.  Keep in mind that most internet images are 72 dots-per-inch, but all professional printing should be done at 300 dots-per-inch.  There are many wonderful resources for free and legal high resolution graphics, such as Stock Exchange.  

Arrange Your Text and Graphics

Once you have gathered your graphics, you’ll need to arrange them on your template.  Keep your original theme in mind and use fonts that are easy to read.  If these are custom greeting cards for your business, do not forget to include your logo and contact information.

Proof and Print

Finally, print off a test copy, referred to as a proof, to make sure what you see on your screen is what you’re going to get.  Once everything looks right, save your file, and send it to your favorite print shop.  Unless you are only printing 10 or less of your custom greeting cards, you should strongly consider using a professional print shop as they will more than likely save you money and get you better results.

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