Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations with Brochures

Fund raising for non-profit organizations is an absolutely vital part of survival.  Brochure printing and advertising through direct mail is one of the more versatile and effective methods for connecting with potential donors.  Brochures give you an opportunity to tell your story in full color without the limitations of size that postcards or greeting cards may present.
Target Audience
First and foremost, you need to decide upon your target audience.  These are the people that historically are moved by your mission and are more likely to make a donation to your non-profit.  Brochure printing is not cheap, so you want to pick your target audience carefully.
Brochure Design
Next, once you know your target audience, you can begin to design your brochures.  Typically, a you want to include these four elements: 

  • Mission and vision statement - this part of your brochure should be compelling copy that effectively describes what it is your non-profit does, and who it is your non-profit serves.  Think of this is your introduction.
  • Statistics – use hard numbers and graphs to demonstrate how it is you intend to use donations, and how your donations have been used in the past.
  • Profiles – get some profiles of both people your non-profit has served as well as members and volunteers of your non-profit.  This can help the potential donor connect with precisely how and who your non-profit serves people.
  • Call to action – the entire point of sending a brochure is to encourage a donation.  Make sure you provide plenty of information and opportunities for the potential donor to contact you. 

Brochure Printing
Finally, it is a vital that your brochures are printed professionally.  Don’t forget that many professional printing firms can also handle direct mailing duties as well.  This can save you considerable time and money.  The last thing you want a potential donor to feel is that your non-profit is cheap or is not concerned with quality.  


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