The Several Ways You Can Customize Your Brochure

Printing brochures is a great way to reach more customers, but you also want your brochure to stand out among the other brochures out there. Templates are useful for quickly coming up with a visually pleasing brochure design, but you will still want to add things and make changes to customize your brochure to best suit your products and services. 

1. Use lists instead of sentences where possible.
Using lists in your brochure is one way to give your customer a great deal of information without using a lot of words. Customers may only skim your brochure at first anyway, so being concise and informative is a good way to gain their attention. A list tells them all the pertinent information without making them read a long description in paragraph form. 

2. Use photos and illustrations to show rather than tell.
Photos are an easier way to catch your customer's eye than text alone, especially on the cover of a brochure. An intriguing, well-placed, quality photo may mean the difference between the customer picking up your brochure and reading it or passing over it to the next brochure. 

Photos are a more immediate way to communicate information about your products than text; so when possible, use a photo to show the best things about your products. Once a customer is drawn in by the photos, they will pick up the brochure and read the accompanying text. Good photos are the fastest and easiest way to get a person's attention; and getting your customer to pick up your brochure is the most important part of designing your brochure. If your brochure is too bland looking, a customer may never pick it up. If no one reads your brochure, you can be certain that no one will make any purchases from it.

3. Emphasize the important aspects, but don't overuse bold and italics.
While you shouldn't overuse italics and bold text, these can be very useful to emphasize just a few words here and there in your text. If a potential customer is skimming the text of your brochure, his or her eyes will immediately gravitate toward the emphasized portions, hopefully making them interested enough to read the rest or make a purchase.

4. Be clear and brief in your descriptions.
When you do add descriptions in paragraph or sentence form, it's still important to focus on being clear and concise. Customers need to be wowed by your product immediately; most do not want to sit down and read several pages of detailed descriptions. They may want to look for more information later, but to catch their attention in the first place you need to tell them the most important details only.
When printing brochures, you only have a limited amount of space available, so it's important to use that space wisely. Don't add too many unnecessary words in your description; strip it down to the minimum that it takes to gain the interest of your potential customers.

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