Article Topics for Newsletter Printing

One of the most important aspects in creating newsletters is the actual text because this determines if a newsletter is read or not, boring or interesting, opened or consistently thrown in the trash. The common articles included in a print newsletter should contain certain information to be both engaging and professional.

Articles that are inspiring can motivate a reader to become involved in an event or organization, or the article can create positive outlook on the company. Make sure that inspirational articles are true, show a struggle that has been overcome or difficult decision that has been made, and draw your readers into the story by appealing to as many of the five senses as possible.

Profile or Success Story
Make customers feel a part of a community by featuring a different customer each issue. Include a photograph of the customer, tell about the relationship between the customer and your business, which product or service the customer uses, and what is so special about this customer.

Featuring employees can help customers connect with your business on a more personal level. Write about the employee's responsibilities within the company; home life including spouse, children, grandchildren, or pets; any accomplishments or involvements within their community; and any sports or hobbies in which they are involved.

Keeping clients informed on changes in the industry helps customers stay current. Note whether or not the changes affect your company services or products, if the customer will need to make any changes, the benefits of the changes, and the estimated date the changes will occur.

Whenever your company has policy updates, write an article discussing the changes made and how they affect the consumer. Include an example to better demonstrate what the policy affects.

Inform clients of events sponsored or attended by your company. Tell about the necessary information such as date, time, and location as well as the highlights and specials being offered. You can also write articles after the event has occurred telling about the success, who attended, and what awards were handed out.

Training Program
Whether you are providing training classes or an organization in your industry has put together a training event, inform customers on what will be taught, how it can help them, and the details such as speakers, topics, location, and date and time.

Letter from the Editor
This could also be a letter from the president of the company, which gives your company a more personal, rather than corporate, feel. Focus the article on one purpose and use a personal tone.

Use different types of articles each issue to keep your newsletter feeling fresh and new. To maintain consistency, be sure to include a few sections which readers can count on each mailing such as a profile, tips, and updates section.

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