Grammar Mistakes That Will Tank Your Catalog Sales

There are some grammatical errors that are unforgivable. Your potential customers could be turned off to your product simply because bad grammar makes you less credible, meaning you could lose customers. Avoid these mistakes when writing for your catalog printing, and your customers will thank you.
1. Apostrophe mishaps
Apostrophes are very useful to contract words or show a possessive. Though they can be a bit confusing for writers, somehow readers can pick them up very easily. Be careful with "it's," "there's" and "can't." If you are unsure say "it is," 'there is" and "can not." If the sentence does not make since this way, you should not use your apostrophes. Also, remember that apostrophes mean ownership, not plural. So, use "moms" for a group of moms and "mom's" for your mom's pie.
2. Misplaced modifiers

Though they can be very funny, misplaced modifiers can be confusing in your print catalog. Take this sentence for example: "Dad got out of his car with a shiny new red paint job." Funny but not correct. Check to make sure that your sentence is in order.
3. Plural nouns with singular verbs
This mistake will be sure to give your print catalog an uneducated feel. "Children eats" and "dogs barks" are not acceptable and will irritate your reader. Make sure that if your noun is plural (children), your verb is also plural in form (eat).

4. Unparalleled lists

It is important to make sure your phrases are equal. Here is a sentence with unparalleled phrases: "My son went to the park to meet friends, swinging on the playground, and picked up litter." The sentence would make more sense and be more pleasant to read if it went like this: " My son went to the park to meet friends, swing on the playground, and pick up litter." All of the verbs hold the same tense, and the structure is made parallel.
5. Using could of instead of could have

"Could of, ""would of," "should of" are commonly used in conversation. They are unacceptable for your print catalog, though. Use the correct alternative "could have," "would have," and "should have."
These stark errors can ruin a print catalog. Write with care and avoid these mistakes. Your customers will appreciate it. If you do your job well, they will enjoy the ease of reading your catalog. This will move them closer to purchasing your product and move you closer to accomplishing your goals. Happy writing!



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