Business Cards: The Perfect Social Networking Tool

The term "social networking" originally referred to any group of people who gathered together for a common purpose. In business, it was defined as building relationships around your company. Today, social networking often refers to connecting to people online through a social networking site, such as Facebook or any blog page. Most businesses use both online and face-to-face social networking. Without continually building loyal relationships, whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, a company will grow stale and eventually run its course.

A vital tool for aiding your business with social networking is business card printing. A color business card is what will remain with a prospect once your meeting has ended providing them with an easy way to contact you. The mistake that many people make is to print business cards without creating an online version, or vice versa. Almost every business can benefit from both business card printing along with online cards.

Use both online and printed versions

If you own an online company, you may be tempted to use only online business cards or to simply print the online version on your inkjet to save money. The reality is that everyone needs printed business cards because of that chance meeting with the perfect client when standing in line at the theater. On the flip side, anyone who places owns an online business or even just has a website for marketing purposes should consider online business cards along with physical ones because of the large amount of traffic online cards can direct to the company website.

Maintain consistent quality

Don't make the mistake of simply printing your digital business cards on your office printer as the quality is less than presentable. What looks great online turns out less than desirable on paper because a computer screen uses light to display colors. When transferred to paper, though, images will not appear as sharp and may even be blurry or pixilated because of the different resolution and color scheme needed. The best method is to design the online and printed version separately but making sure that they both represent your brand accurately and consistently.

Business card printing requirements

Be sure that when designing a printed business card based on your online version to know the requirements. You will need to extend the background beyond the final size so that the images "bleed" off the page when trimmed. Use the RGB color scheme for the online version, since these are the primary colors of light, and the CMYK scheme for business card printing, since these are the primary colors of ink. Never print cards using your office printer as this can end up costing you more money as well as create a poor representation of your company. Remember, successful social networking requires making an impactful impression so that you will be remembered long after the conversation is over. So take the necessary measures to insure that your business cards are an effective networking tool that builds loyal consumers.

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