Print Advertising for the New Year’s

Coming up with dynamic and interesting new designs for the holidays can be exhausting. New Year’s can be especially challenging because it comes right after Christmas – easily the most over-advertised holiday of them all.  This article presents few ideas you can use to mix up your New Year’s print advertising campaign.

Die cuts

Great way to set your print advertising apart from others is by creating unique shapes with die cuts.  Champagne bottles and party favors are shapes associated with New Year’s, so consider some promotional materials cut into shapes.  Professional printing firms can set these printing projects out for you very easily.

Link promotions to time limited sales

A key goal of print advertising is to include a call to action for your customers. New Year’s is a season associated with starting fresh and new, so consider a promotional message that encourages your customer to start the new year with your products and services.

Wrapping it up

New Year’s print advertising can present a challenge simply because it is so close to Christmas. As always, be willing to push the envelope with something new and over the top.  Help your promotional materials stand apart from the crowd with die cuts and linking your promotions to time limited sales, and you are sure to see your desired results.


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