Tips for a Feng Shui Business Card Design

Feng Shui in graphic design involves the balance of elements and their flow throughout the design. Feng Shui is literally translated Wind and Water. Think about the way that wind and water flow freely throughout the natural world; Feng Shui uses placement of items that allows for chi (universal life force) to flow freely. Some businesses choose to incorporate Feng Shui into their design as a way to avoid bad luck and to encourage good luck with their business ventures. If you wish to incorporate Feng Shui into your business cards, here are some tips to get you started.

Choose the Right Color and Size
When placed with black text, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are considered in-auspicious and unlucky. Instead, use a card stock that is metallic or green, brown or blue. These colors are considered auspicious with black text. There is also a color associated with your birthday that will flow best with your business card design. Simply look up your personal element and you will find your color as well. Also, choose a card that is under 2” width and height for better luck.

Incorporate Personal and Business Elements
There is an element, color, and shape associated with your date of birth that will work best for your business card design. In Feng Shui there are five elements considered: wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. Your business also has an element associated with it. To find out what your personal and business elements are, simply look them up online. Implement these elements, colors, and shapes into your logo and business card design.

Balance the Layout
The balance or Yin and Yang of your business card will help determine its effectiveness. Never use a border, as it will block the flow altogether. Center your text left-to-right and balance your logo with your text for a better flow.

Place Your Text Meaningfully
Your name should always be the top line and in bold, as this signifies that you are in control. Your title can be in the same font size under your name, but not bold. Never put your name under your business name, since this indicates that you are a slave to your business.

Leave Lots of White Space
Balance and order can be achieved with a simple design full of white space. This will increase the flow of your card and make your business more successful.

When designing for Feng Shui, always consider the balance of your design elements. Some people believe that the success of your business depends on it.


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