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Business cards are a more personal marketing tool, since your face and handshake will accompany the card. Clients will remember you when they pull out the card at home or in the office, which shows the importance of your business card layout representing your company well. Following a few simple steps when designing your business card will insure that yours is one that reveals your company image and is remembered after your conversation with the client has ended.

1. What to include. Your company name, your name, address, phone numbers (including office, fax, and cell), and email address are all necessities. Using a logo instead of just a company name reveals your image and distinguishes you from other business cards. You might also want to include your title next to or underneath your name. The company website can also be included if necessary. If you design a two-sided business card, use the second side to display a list of services or products. You may also want to include a company motto to further personalize the card.

2. The layout. Your company name or logo should appear on the same side of the business card as your name, title, and contact information. Placing your company name at the top of the card followed by your name and title and then the contact info shows the order of importance, but you can also use font size to display order of importance by selecting a larger text for what you want to be noticed first. Be sure that the smallest font is easily readable from an arm's length. Space the lines apart enough so that the text is easy to read. You can use bullets to further organize the text. To create a more unique look, arrange text vertically.

3. The design. Your logo design and colors will give you a starting place for choosing fonts and colors, especially since you need reveal the tone or your company. Some fonts are only practical for large design, so be sure that yours is easy to read. Also, make sure that the background color does not overwhelm the text but rather enhances it. You may even want to use a transparent image for the background design. Once again, choose an image that represents your company.

4. Printing. The final stage of creating your business card is sending it to print. Choose a printing company that uses full color and offers a variety of services and options, which is exactly what can do for you. We offer full color on the front side with a color, black and white, or blank back. The option of full bleed is included in the printing price. We also provide seven card stock options and can print horizontally or vertically. For a more unique look, try folded business cards. Our services include a one to five business day turnaround, electronic or next day mail proofs, free templates, or even a design team. provides amazing results at wholesale prices, which you can instantly monitor using our instant pricing tool as you choose your options. So with the high quality provided at a discount cost, choose to print your business cards with and receive a product that accurately and professionally represents your company. Business Card Products

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